99 Minute Millionaire Book Review

Author: Scott Alan Turner
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Simple, long-term, boring… and refreshing.

Turner delivers in his promise of the simplest and easiest book on investing, which can be a turnoff to people who want the fast cash-grab and overnight millions.

In a world of “invest in cryptocurrency!” (the latest fad), it was great to read through advice I’ve heard many times, but told in a way that’s enjoyable. His strategy is thinking for the long-term (really long-term) and slowly dripping money into index funds while spending very little time (99 minutes a year) watching their progress.

As someone who (mildly) employs this strategy and have already seen its benefits, it has given me enough rigor to continue on. When the last page was turned, I immediately sketched out a strategy for the upcoming years and went to work on employing it.

It’s important to note good financial habits are a prerequisite to making this strategy work. In other words, if you’re spending more than you earn without a clue where your money is going, it’s best to get that worked out first.

If you’re unsure about how investing works and want to plan for the long-term, start here.

It’s the simplest way to financial security.