Admitting What You Already Know

Our refusal to admit we were wrong is a powerful drive in making us miserable.

We know what it is that’s bothering us and what needs to be done to rectify the situation.

Having to admit it… and then follow through… is the toughest journey of the soul.

A problem for our refusal to admit what’s wrong is in our approach.

Do we look at it with disdain and do our best to protect our ego?

Or do we look at it with joy as something to celebrate because we’re finally going to improve the quality of our lives?

It’s sad to see so many miserable people today who are seeking to find fulfillment in something external. They’re constantly searching for something outside themselves that is never going to satisfy the quiet voice within that’s calling for internal reflection.

We don’t need others to tell us what’s wrong.

We already know.

It’s just a matter of admitting it.