It Just Seems Strange

I’ve been writing daily for the past few years.

It was a habit I forced myself to pickup because I was tired of the sporadic bursts happening beforehand. I needed the consistency, even if no one was ever going to read those words.

It also turned me from a person who constantly started projects, into one that finished them.

No matter how tired, or if I was traveling, I would find some time and some way to write.

This past weekend, I had the honour of celebrating my little sister’s wedding. In the midst of the busyness and the celebrating, I didn’t make the time to write.

The world didn’t fall apart, nor did it become an existential crisis, but it just felt strange.

That’s when I knew that writing is something I need to do.

In other words, expect a lot more out of me going forward.

When Life Starts Nudging

Every so often, life nudges at you to move in a certain direction. It tends to avoid overt signs or gestures in favour of gentle whispers.

It starts with a comment by someone, then by another, then some thoughts on your own and it will coalesce with something out of the blue.

Then it will go away.

Life isn’t pushy when it comes to living out your path. It’ll prod you for a bit and then leave you alone to make your own decisions.

Sometimes your window of opportunity is small, so the signs will come rapidly.

Pay extra attention when this happens because it could be something that will get you to where you’ve always needed to be.

Listen for the whispers and respond with full surrender.