Embracing Mystery

We want everything worked out for us.

If there’s no explanation, then we’ll provide one even if it doesn’t make sense. We might even go to great lengths to justify our explanations that don’t make sense just to give us some security in a certainty.

We can feel insecure about not knowing something. It’s a challenge to our ego and our sense of being.

If we don’t know, is it something to fear? Something to hate? Something to ignore?

The universe, as we currently know it, is over thirteen billion years old. Our laws of physics we’ve uncovered are, at best, just scratching the surface of how it works… as does our understanding of Math, Chemistry and Biology.

Then there’s the theory of the multiverse, in which multiple universes exist, and in that case, each universe would abide by its own set of laws.

There are some who come along and give proclamations to the “Truth” as we should see it. Our sense of security forced some of us to follow it fundamentally – even to a fault.

While we should always be striving for a better understanding of how our world, and our universe, works, it helps if we can accept there’s beauty in mystery.

It’s not something to be feared or challenged, but something to embrace. It provides a sense of reverence for the life we have and gives us a sense of wonder about the world we live in.

This beauty of mystery is what motivates us to learn and appreciate what’s around us. It doesn’t make life easier, but it gives us the humility we need to prevent our egos from causing damage.

At the heart of who we are, there will always be a mystery to unravel. Appreciate it for what it is.