Keep the Fire Burning

For many years, I found myself getting inspired to do something and then never following through.

I understood what needed to be done, had more than enough information to make it happen and for the first few weeks, I was an unstoppable force.Keep the Fire Burning

Then things began to wane.

Something would always come up and my hard work would fall flat. Desperate for an answer, I searched online for a new tactic or solution to instantly help me.

Help never came.

One day, something finally snapped. I suddenly became really good at following through: achieving laser like focus and accomplishing all those projects that had fallen by the wayside for years.

People were always asking me how I did it and while I would like to say it was the result of some super-secret formula, it was something more simple. And painfully obvious.

This book isn’t a one-size fits all system; it’s a toolbox for you to keep the fire burning in your own life. It’s yours to read by clicking in the book image or the link below.

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