Goodbye, Things Book Review

Here we have a look into the world of minimalism from our friends in Japan.

Generally, whenever there’s a book on minimalism, it’s laid out in a three part formula:

1. Person’s life before minimalism
2. Benefits of minimalism
3. Person’s life after minimalism

Somewhere in there is usually some advice on how to take the steps in your own life to cut down on the number of items that you own.

While this book does favour that formula, Sasaki goes deeper into how all aspects of your life are affected when you begin to pair down your possessions. I appreciated his approach as it gave me less anxiety about getting rid of my own stuff that’s just been taking up space.

To copy what he’s doing, however, is not for everyone and he freely admits it. The author, being 35, single and having very few friends, can attempt a few lifestyle choices without repercussion.

Still, there’s a sense of wisdom that can be learned from this book. Not necessarily about minimalism, although that is the springboard, but about happiness in life. For that reason, it kept me engaged until the last page.