Hundreds of Small Decisions

Every day, we make hundreds of small decisions. Some of those might impact a larger portion of people, or yourself, but there were hundreds of other smaller decisions that led to that one.

These small decisions are the key to implementing change in your life – assuming you want it.

We look at life changes as something drastic with sweeping reforms over night:

“I need to get in better shape, so no more sugar in my diet!”

Or we look at our current situation and succumb to a level of nihilism:

“I’ll never be as successful as (insert extreme outlier in their field here), so what’s the point?”

Some circumstances are beyond our control and it’s tough to find margin in your day when all of it is spent doing laundry, but assuming you have the literacy skills to read this post and resources to access this site on the Internet… your chances of blaming circumstance is reduced drastically.

We also look at change as something we need to do because who we are as a person is flawed and must be transformed. That’s a false premise and can lead many people who just need to embrace themselves towards a path of self-destruction because they believe happiness is always elsewhere.

Change is something we do because we want to be the best version of ourselves.

Who we are now is a result of hundreds of small decisions we make every day.

If we were to change just a few of those decisions today… then a few more tomorrow… then another the next day… we will have undergone a complete transformation in a few years.

Keep going and imagine who will be a few years after that… and after that…