It’s the Tough Ones That Helped

My English teachers in high school were tough.

They were lovely people who I enjoyed immensely and would gladly sit down with a beverage with them today, but their expectations of us were high.

Very high.

They did not acquiesce to the level of the class, or the student, but demanded we reach up to their level. For this reason, I had a tough time during my English courses. Partly because I was not used to such a high standard and partly because I was a lazy student.

At the end of their courses, I recognized I was a much better off because of them.

In University, one of my professors gave me a paper back and told me to rewrite it because it was weak. I had nothing but appreciation for that moment for not letting me fall on my own sword and demanding I strive for my best every single time I hand something in.

We hate watching people under our wing struggle. We want the best for them and want to see them succeed.

Offering them the easy way out, while appreciated in the moment, does not provide the outcome we expect.

It’s the tough teachers (mentors, coaches, etc.) who we remember because they pushed our limitations. If we can’t find someone today to do that for us, we should do it for ourselves.