Life’s Instruction Manual

If only it existed, right?

How many times would we appreciate being able to reference the appropriate page when we’re completely unsure… or completely mess up?

It would be wonderful to have a well-thumbed section on, “When everything breaks all at once in your house.”

There would be numerous sticky tabs and post-it notes all over the section, “What the person really means when they tell you something.”

How many of us would appreciate the section, “When everything seems to fall apart?”

Or the mythical section, “The instruction manual for your child: from newborn to adulthood.”

Some would sigh as they flip back to, “Everything you’re doing right and wrong in your relationship.”

A few would even crack open the section on, “Authentic spirituality: life is more than material goods.”

Life’s instructional manual is impossible to write, but possible to live each day.