My First Fiction Publication

As posted to my friends on social media

The first time I submitted a short story for publication, I received a letter back saying,
“We’re going to send you the letter of our International Office because it’s obvious English isn’t your first language.”

At sixteen, that hurt quite a bit.

However, I still wanted to be a writer and it took many years before I figured out what the magazine was trying to tell me: I wasn’t taking the art of writing seriously enough.

I finally got down to work, started writing consistently and putting it out there. I wrote for eight years on Tommy|Zor, started a few blogs of my own, which got enough notice to be asked to write articles for Lifehack and a few education periodicals. I continue to write every day on my own site.

Putting my chops to the test, I finally launched two books and now, my first published fiction novel with my long time friend Matti.

This book took us one partial re-write and three major edits before we got it right… but it’s finally here!

It’s an homage to the science fiction writers who influenced me, mixed with a heavy hand of religious discourse. If you don’t like either of those two subject areas, this book may not be your cup of tea.

If you’re curious to see the twist we put on the two, I can assure you it’s a knot that even a sailor would be proud of.

You can pick up the paperback anywhere online right now and the digital is an Amazon exclusive.

As a celebration, there’s also a Goodreads contest where you can win one of five copies:…/sh…/254802-the-immortal-universe

There’s so much more in the pipeline (including two other novels that are in progress now), but this book is a reminder… and encouragement… that I’m finally on the path that my sixteen year-old self would be happy to see.