No One Wants the Real Answer

If you ask someone how they got to where they are… whether it be for money, career, health, or otherwise, it’s rare they will tell you the real answer.

It’s not because they’re withholding it because people are more than willing to help those seeking it.

The problem is no one wants to hear it.

It’s easier to digest, “I worked hard and took advantage of opportunities,” rather than, “I spent my every day, including weekends, immersing myself until it became an obsession. I gave up my social life and every other distraction that kept me from my goal… etc.”

We expect to hear, “I watched what I ate and worked out a few times a week,” because if the person were to tell the whole truth about their training and diet regiment — we would shut down.

The real answer is out there if you’re willing to hear it…

and do the work.