Number the Stars Book Review

Author: Lois Lowry
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In considering a book for my Language Arts class this year, this title came across my desk. Having read “The Giver” back in elementary school out of a suggestion from a friend, I knew Lowry wouldn’t disappoint.

Number the Stars is a look at World War II as seen through the perspective of the people of Denmark. The backdrop is already more fascinating than the typical settings of a war novel, giving it an extra allure for young readers.

Annemarie is a young girl who is now living through occupied Denmark, after having the king surrender to Nazi Germany. As the troops begin their mission to “relocate” the Jews, Annemarie must protect Ellen, her friend, and her family.

The story expands to one about the entire country of Denmark trying to smuggle every Jewish person across the sea to Sweden, all told through Annemarie’s perspective.

It’s a quick read for the avid reader, but it grips you. You find yourself interested in both the history of what’s happening combined with the tale it’s woven into and cheering for every victory along the way.

It’ll be exciting to read it with my students this year, who may be given their first introduction to the deeper history of World War II and the writings of Lowry.