Refugee Book Review

Author: Alan Gratz
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Out of all the potential words in the English language to describe this book, I’m going to have to settle on amazing… which is a shame, because it deserves something more grandeur.

Refugee follows three different storylines of refugee families: a Jewish one escaping Germany before the war, a Cuban family trying to make it to Florida in the early 90s and a Syrian family trying to make it to Germany in 2015.

The brilliance of this novel is how all three stories connect together in the end.

Gratz did the work to add as much truth as he could (real stories) into the fictional tales he’s written. Each story feels real and you can empathize with all the characters during their struggles.

It’s one of those books where you walk away with a newfound respect, and compassion, for the people who flee their countries in hope of a new life. It compels you to think differently and want to do something substantial.

Any book that can elicit that level of emotional response is a success indeed. Still… in my sleep deprived state… I can’t think of a better word than amazing.