The most important thing to consider when booking a speaker is your audience.

There is a fine balance between talking over the heads of your audience and boring them with shallow content. It’s what can turn an audience from passive observers to active participants. With a background in education and entertainment, I understand the need to adjust my presentation accordingly.

As a speaker, I take the needs of your audience into serious consideration when preparing a talk. My goal is to add as much value to their lives by tailoring my approach to their expectations. The unique blended background as a magician and teacher will keep your audience interested by moving between points to ponder and moments of fun.

Before I continue, I would like to thank you for your consideration. It’s an honour.

What to Expect From Me

  1. Prompt, courteous and professional replies to phone calls and emails.
  2. An initial phone consultation to consider the possibilities for your event.
  3. A professionally prepared presentation designed to meet the needs of your audience.
  4. Full engagement with the event coordinators and attendees.
  5. A brief, post-event follow-up.

Keynote Topics

My keynote presentations are specifically prepared for each audience. Working with you, I create customized presentations to shed some light on those areas that are the biggest concern. Here are a few of the topics I’ve presented:

Building Walls of Resiliency – Ever feel like your work goes under-appreciated? When you play a critical role to those around you, it can be damaging to morale to feel this way. Working with the Ottawa Catholic School Board, this talk was designed for those critical people in your place of employment who are responsible for the front-line work, or the behind the scenes work (sometimes it might be both). It begins with building appreciation for the work they do, then moves into practical strategies to build resiliency towards stress inducers on the job. By the end of this presentation, staff members will walk away with tools they can adapt to their own workplace and environment.

Equipped to Bring Change – The world is facing some of its greatest problems in human history. This can leave young people feeling overwhelmed and powerless. Yet, in talking with young people across the country, it becomes obvious they are the greatest hope we have for a better future. Designed for a youth conference on social justice, this keynote begins with my own narrative of starting a legacy fundraiser at my high school and being welcomed into the toughest areas of New Orleans through magic. Throughout the presentation, staff members will learn ways to show their students how they are already equipped to transform their own communities. By the end, they will leave with a bank of ideas that students will love and want to implement right away.

Encouraging the Faith – The latest statistics from the pew research center have shown Catholic affiliation is declining. It’s common for staff members to be teaching to groups of students who rarely, if ever, go to Church. With newer generations choosing to align themselves with “no religious afiliation,” how can we encourage the faith of staff members who may be moving into this category as well? As keynote for a Christian Community day at one Catholic School Board, this presentation begins with a reflection of how staff are already faith leaders and then challenges them to dig just a bit deeper. By the end, staff members will have a greater appreciation for their own faith life and its development.


Similar to the keynote presentations, my workshops are a hands-on approach that get the participants actively involved. Here are a few of the workshops I’ve delivered:

Freeing the Muse – This writing workshop is meant for a single purpose: eliminating writer’s block. It is an interactive presentation that has participants writing a short story from beginning to end, providing tools along the way to keep their creativity going after the workshop is done.

Building Rapport the Magician’s Way – As a magician, if you don’t build rapport with your audience right away, you will not succeed. It was those lessons “in the trenches” that taught me how to build rapport with any audience wherever I go. While there are no magic tricks taught in this workshop, it delves into the deeper psychology of relationship building and practical steps you can take.

Transforming the Heart – Designed for teachers, this workshop shows how you can make Religion class a favourite for all students. Building upon the concepts laid out in the book, we explore the challenges a teacher faces and how to overcome them. In the end, teachers are given a digital resource package with material to use in their classroom right away.


The Next Step

Thanks again for considering me for your event. Please contact me at the email address below to take the next step by checking my availability or asking any questions you may have. I will personally get back to you as soon as possible.

vito [at] vitomichienzi.com