They’ll Talk About You

This used to be a fear of mine.

I hated the idea of people talking about me behind my back in a malicious manner. Just the thought of it possibly happening would prevent me from wanting to do something.

Then reality finally set-in.

People talk about you much less than you think… if at all. Even if they do, this world moves so quickly that you’ll be long forgotten within the week. That’s assuming you’re doing something worth talking about in the first place.

On my last day of magic shows, here was the feedback my agent received from two clients:

“He was a nice guy, but a horrible magician.”
“He was the perfect magician. Everyone loved him and he was really good.”

One wanted a refund and the other wanted to get my information to pass along to others. Doing the best you can will be always met with varied results.

Gossip will always happen. People will always talk.

Taking chances without concern what others will say is something that doesn’t happen often.