Viral is the New Amnesia

The race on the Internet is to get the next viral thing.

It happens so often that people don’t even remember what the last big thing was anymore. You can make a reference and there might be some memory of it, but nothing actually sticks.

There are no points for longevity or even dedication. We just keep clicking from one viral thing to the next.

“That’s great,” we say.
The next day, we forget about it completely.

Content no longer needs to be meaningful as the goal is viral and no substance is actually needed. All that matters is attention.

I’m amazed at how many people comment (or like/laugh/love/sad) on articles posted on Facebook when they themselves haven’t read it.

Are we right to complain about distracted people (especially kids) when we’re the ones who keep feeding the machine?

Does anybody remember about the last school shooting they read about?

Yes, it’s sad they even happen… but do you remember the last one?

If we did, instead of waiting for the next one to happen, we might be inclined to hold vigil for its victims and their families.

I’m tired of fast media.

I’m tired of instant notifications.

I’m tired of endless clickbait articles with no substance.

Yes, technology is accelerating and there’s excitement about where it’s leading… but our consumption needs to slow down.We need time to pause.

Content creators need to provide substance to people once again because if they keep going for viral — they’re going to be forgotten within the day.