What is the Bible?… Book Review

Yes, I know — another book review in such a short amount of time.

I’m posting them as I read and it just so happened I devoured the last few books on my list. The next one will take me a little more time.

Moving on.

This is a book written by Rob Bell, who I feel does an amazing job at delivering the message of religion in a soothing way towards those who are antagonistic towards it. For some great examples, check out his Nooma series.

While his videos and speaking is soothing and reflective, you’ll need to be patient with his writing. He likes to use a lot. Of. One. Word. Sentences.


Picking up this new release from him, I thought it was going to be along a similar vein as The Bible Tells Me So — also a great read and it’s a direct response to people who go to great lengths to protect and defend the Bible.

Instead, Rob goes into a much broader view with how the many different books are put together. While at the beginning, it can seem like he’s going all over the place, but what you eventually find is he’s been climbing up a mountain with you to show you a 10,000 foot view.

Let me say, the view is spectacular.

I found myself putting down this book several times just to reflect on many of his ideas. Even if it doesn’t inspire you to ever want to read the Bible in your own life, you’ll have a better appreciation for it.

If you take the Bible literally: this is word-for-word, in English, the inerrant Word of God, written by his Holy Hand and is not subject to scrutiny… you will hate this book. You will really hate this book.

The only down point for me was the last section of the book where he attempts to answer common questions people ask. He does a decent job framing the argument, and why the question might not be a valid one to start with, but then leaves it.

For someone with any curiosity, this might not be a bad place to start.