What You Wanted Then Isn’t What You Want Now

As a teenager, I wanted to be a martial artist… then a computer programmer. I also wanted a corvette.

In University, while studying Theology, I wanted to be a world-famous magician. I had no desire to own a vehicle, be in a long-term relationship or live in a house.

Ten years from now, I can already anticipate my wants (and needs) are going to change drastically again.

This is the difficulty in giving advice to others, especially when they’re at a different stage* in their life.

You’ve been in their world, but they haven’t been in yours.

You need to remember how your mind worked, or at least try to empathize how their mind is working, in order to be helpful.

Otherwise, you’re another person who “just doesn’t get it.”

It’s also something to keep in mind for people who are at a stage you will be approaching as well.


*Stage, by the way, doesn’t always correlate with age.