What You’re Willing to Give

There’s a large gap between what a person wants and what they’re willing to give for it.

Some are willing to do what it takes and in the process, will lose many comforts currently afforded to them: friends, social events and lifestyle choices. Many will mock the effort, but for that person, it’s worth it.

Doing what it takes often involves a great deal more effort than people are willing to admit… or want to do.

I read a lot and have a focus on my writing. As a result, I’m not up to date on the latest shows, movies, social networking gossip and don’t play video games anymore. I’ve also been spending a lot less time in social gatherings (friends and work related) to focus on what matters to me.

Not going to lie – there have even been times when I’ve disappeared from social settings to write posts or book sections on my phone.

Others who see a person heading down a path they would like to follow will do their best to stop it. They will mock, point out the shortcomings of trying and use guilt in a way to prevent any further progress. Subconsciously, if they can’t have what the person is after, it becomes their mission to stop it.

Those going after what they want will promptly ignore that people and change their social circle. They will do whatever it takes and sacrifice what needs sacrificing to get there.

It’s a large gap between what is wanted and what you’re willing to give. The goal is to figure out, truthfully, whether you’re willing to give it.