When Your Wheels Won’t Stop Spinning

It’s late at night and something happened that is still bothering you.

You can’t get to bed. Your wheels are spinning.

You take those thoughts onto multiple tangents and 3am comes around without a wink of sleep. The initial thing that bothered you has now transformed into an even bigger monster.

Despite your best attempts to “forget about it for now,” it just won’t happen.

How do you work through it?

What can be done that will at least get you to bed?

Get up, go to your calendar and set a date when you can come back to your issue. Physically put on that at a certain date, you will sit down with yourself and have a conversation with the issue.

On that date, the issue can come back to fester within you once more.

Make an appointment and mark it as busy. Make it real.

Then go to bed.